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Unconquered Sun is an idea company and innovation is truly what we do best!

Born in 2008 from the adversity facing Ontario during the collapse of the domestic auto industry. Unconquered Sun was founded with the desire to see Ontario resurge through the manufacture and application of exciting and innovative renewable technologies designed for a new green economy.

In 2015 Unconquered Sun became a proud member of the Bluewater Power group. A move which speaks to the success of Unconquered Sun, and our company’s reputation for ceaseless innovation within the renewable energy industry. Investment from Bluewater Power Distribution Corp. now underpins USST’s continued growth and backs an unparalleled level of service and peace of mind enjoyed by all USST clientele.

Today, with more area solar installations commissioned than any competitor. Unconquered Sun’s prominence within Ontario’s Solar landscape is paralleled only by our appreciation for the communities in which we do business, our attention to client concerns, and our desire to provide a new stability within the renewable energy industry.

At Unconquered Sun,  we attend our client’s needs with an enthusiasm that is second to none!


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What our clients are saying...
"You have been the best, I wish I had another house to put panels on just to work with you again." - Sam S
What our clients are saying...
"We would like to thank the USST Installation Team for all of their expertise, hard work, politeness and respect for us and our home. They were always attentive and careful with every detail of their work." -Elena P
What our clients are saying...
The system is running great, we have close to a year of data now, and it looks like we will attain the projected output. - Derek L
What our clients are saying...
"I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the staff of Unconquered Sun. They were there whenever I needed them. I enrolled in the MicroFIT program in 2010. Thanks to the income revenue I received from the Solar Panels my wife and I did lots of travelling and in 2015, we spent five weeks in Europe. This program truly is great, and it made the selling of my house much easier. I fully endorse the MicroFIT program to anyone who would likes to make additional revenue. Thank you Unconquered Sun. I'll see you at my next house." -Mario F