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Solar Powered Electric Vehicles

Unconquered Sun offers a variety of Electric Vehicle products and services:

Self Sustaining Fleets!SONY DSC

Our solar roof-top kits are built to convert any StarEV or other electric vehicle into a solar-powered vehicle.

With recent purchases by NASA, the Ontario Provincial Police, Championship golf courses and numerous municipalities, Unconquered Sun has built a world-class reputation for practical and innovative electric vehicle applications.

Our EV solar roof technology employs patented energy conversion technology that allows an electric fleet to go days, months and even years without having to be plugged in.

Click here to download our brochure and Contact Us if you are interested in an Unconquered Sun EV Solar Rooftop Conversion Kit.

Rooftop Solar Electric Vehicle Conversion Kits:

Unconquered Sun offers a wide variety custom solutions to convert your electric vehicle to solar power. Whether you are interested in a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we can engineer a solution to meet your needs.

Our unique conversion methodology replaces or augments your current vehicles roof-top with premium solar panels, which then charge the batteries. This results in an increased range of 30% on average while in use.

  • Proprietary technology developed to boost battery-bound power to 56.6 volts._ELG2855
  • Multi-function smart gauge keeps track of vehicle regeneration, battery usage and performance.
  • Reduced electrical consumption of 50% to 75%, a huge savings in a fleet-wide conversion.
  • Past customers include NASA, the OPP and championship golf courses.
  • 2 Year performance warranty on parts.
  • Increase battery life by up to 50%
  • Decrease your energy bill and carbon footprint
  • Click Here to download a research study conducted by the University of Windsor about our Rooftop Conversion Kits.


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StarEV:USST Solar Powered Beverage Cart Windsor Waterfront

Star EV has partnered with Unconquered Sun to both provide Rooftop Solar Conversion Kits for their wide range of product, and to distribute electric vehicles.

StarEV doesn’t just make the best golf carts; but the best electric vehicles. No other manufacturer comes close:

  • Variety – choose from 87 model variations of plug-in electric vehicles
  • Every conceivable color option and accessory.

StarEV is advancing electric mobility. We’ll get you on the road with power, performance, and safety. StarEV offers carts specialized for:

  • Golf
  • Personal Transportation
  • Group Transportation
  • Off-Roading & Hunting
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Commercial Service

You can purchase or rent Star EV vehicles from Unconquered Sun today. Contact Us today and  explore your solar options!


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What our clients are saying...
The system is running great, we have close to a year of data now, and it looks like we will attain the projected output. - Derek L
What our clients are saying...
"We would like to thank the USST Installation Team for all of their expertise, hard work, politeness and respect for us and our home. They were always attentive and careful with every detail of their work." -Elena P
What our clients are saying...
"You have been the best, I wish I had another house to put panels on just to work with you again." - Sam S
What our clients are saying...
"I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to the staff of Unconquered Sun. They were there whenever I needed them. I enrolled in the MicroFIT program in 2010. Thanks to the income revenue I received from the Solar Panels my wife and I did lots of travelling and in 2015, we spent five weeks in Europe. This program truly is great, and it made the selling of my house much easier. I fully endorse the MicroFIT program to anyone who would likes to make additional revenue. Thank you Unconquered Sun. I'll see you at my next house." -Mario F