Solar panels, considering them for your home?

Welcome to the ultimate solar guide! Considering Solar Panels for your home? Edition.

So,… Are you wondering what all of the hype is about?

If you are living in Canada and it seems like you can’t turn on the TV, radio or a device anymore without being bombarded by news about some new solar panel deployment happening in a field or on a building near you – you are not alone..

The incredible driving force behind this explosion in demand for solar panels across the country is the money (or electrical costs) that consumers stand to save with solar panel systems on their rooftops… In fact, here at Unconquered Sun our clientele are on pace to earn almost 70 million dollars via their residential solar panel systems! If you need more convincing on the need for solar check out The Ultimate Solar Guide Solar power, why we need it and how does it work edition.

Next question,

Have you asked yourself – Are you spending too much of your families hard earned money each month on your electrical bill?

Most Canadians pay among the highest retail electricity prices around.  In fact, many residents of Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and Quebec find themselves paying 15 – 19 cents/ kWh, depending on the season, and time of day. Far above the North American average.

Fortunately, Solar panel systems have become more affordable than ever before. A solar system makes great sense these days if you are looking to eliminate electricity costs at your home or place of business. It is therefore no wonder that solar panel systems are now regarded by the majority of Canadians as the smart way to power your home.

How do solar panels eliminate my electrical costs? What is the process?

Two words to remember – ‘Net Metering’

Net Metering is an extremely popular renewable energy program designed for solar and available throughout Canada. Net metering for solar essentially allows your property to become electrically ‘net zero’ without the need for batteries. You simply export the electricity produced from your solar panels into the electrical grid, then draw from it when needed. To boot – you receive credit from your local distribution company for the electricity if you produce a surplus!

In a nutshell:

Canadians are now able to reduce or eliminate their electrical costs by exporting generated electricity (from their solar panel system) back to the utility grid for a credit against the electricity that their property consumes.

What if I own a business?

Commercial Net Metering works the same way as residential and allows commercial entities to install solar panels on the rooftops of their production facilities, offices, warehouses, industrial shops, etc. and generate electricity onsite for their own use!

Any surplus of electricity is sent directly to the grid, and customers are only charged for the difference between their total energy production and consumption over the course of the billing period. If in any given month the output of energy is greater than the consumption, a kWh credit is created and carried over for up to 12-months until it expires.

**Recently the Government of Canada enhanced the already generous Federal Tax incentive (capital cost allowance) for solar energy projects. Now business owners are able to write off 100% of the cost of their solar panel system in the first year of installation!!

Who is eligible to participate in a Net Metering Solar program?

You are eligible to participate in a Net Metering Solar program as long as you are:

  1. Planning to generate electricity primarily for your own use
  2.  Using a renewable energy source (solar)
  3. Maximum size of your system is less than 500 kW

How will the effects of my Solar Panel System be calculated on my electric bill?

The value of the amount of solar produced electricity generated and exported into your Local Utility Company’s grid will be deducted from the value of the amount of electricity you consumed from the grid. If you produced less, you will receive an adjustment on your monthly (or bi-monthly) hydro bill. If you produced more (meaning you’ve exported more energy than you’ve consumed), you will receive a credit which will be carried over into your next billing period. Important!!! Excess energy credits from previous billing cycles can be carried-over up to a maximum of 12 (twelve) months.

The collateral benefits of installing a Solar Panel System

Solar panels increase your property value;

Ready to sell your home? Installing a solar system makes your home more sellable, easier to mortgage, and increases the property value far beyond the capital cost of the solar!

Solar panels insulate you from any and all future electricity rate hikes;

The cost of electricity affects everyone. When the price goes up, most people are left with no options but to simply complain. Not so with solar panels on your roof! A net metering agreement guarantees that you will be paid the consumer rate for your solar generated electricity. So as the years go by the value of your solar power increases and so does the value of your cost avoidance!

Solar panels shade and protect your roof;

Solar panels are always installed on the faces of your roof most vulnerable to UV degradation. Installing solar panels on a shingle roof will protect the underlying shingles from sun damage and watercourse, extending their lifespan indefinitely. Solar panels also shade your roof, cooling your home in the summer months, saving you even more consumption from AC!

Solar panels produce exponential environmental benefits;

As you may already be aware not one single electron produced by solar panels is either carbon emitting or radioactive. Also a 10 kW solar panel installation is roughly equivalent in terms of carbon mitigation/ sequestration to planting 11, 000 trees! And how many of us have the time to plant 11,000 trees??

Getting Started with Solar

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Also I believe the quality of design, system components and installation here at Unconquered Sun to be absolutely beyond compare. And our 1.9% financing available to all USST clientele is without parallel in the solar industry!

So, If you are ready to Go Solar, then let’s get started!

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**At USST you can be assured that we automatically apply any and all available incentives specific to your location within your FREE Analysis and consultation, … However, I always encourage independent research…. Soooo…. If you are looking for more information on the various solar programs available specific to your geographical location, please refer to the links below;

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Well, this concludes the Considering Solar Panels? edition of the Ultimate Solar Guide from Unconquered Sun!

Hopefully this article will serve as a valuable reference on your solar journey. Hope you have found the content helpful. Please feel free to respond with any comments or suggestions you may have!

 More to come!!

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